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google fred

How Much Do We Really Know About Google Fred?

Google algorithm updates have and likely always will keep webmasters at the edge of their seats. They seem to rear their head at unforeseen times and can wreak havoc on even the biggest sites. So no one’s truly safe. And […]

digital marketing roi

How To Improve Your Digital Marketing ROI

Technology has transformed the way that companies approach marketing. Social media, online advertisements, and blogging are all examples of ways marketers are using new media technology. Additionally, most small businesses are looking to invest more into digital marketing. But while […]

seo vs smo

SEO Vs SMO: Understanding The Difference

Every time we turn around there’s a new acronym we need to know: SEO, CRO, SEM, SMM, BEO and then SMO. What about SEO vs SMO? It often leaves us wondering, is this just a new catchy name for something […]

professional seo services

Why You Should Use Professional SEO Services For Your Website

CMS. CRM. ERP. RSS. SMM. WOM. The list of business acronyms to remember seems to grow by the day. While all are valuable in their own right, here’s one you can’t afford to overlook: SEO. Standing for search engine optimization, […]

affordable seo

10 Affordable SEO Tips To Increase Your Ranking

Anyone who has a business website knows the importance of search engine optimization. Or at least they should. Woe to those who have chosen to ignore having a solid SEO strategy. There’s really no excuse not to have a properly […]

marketing consultant

16 Ways a Marketing Consultant Can Help Your Business

What’s your current marketing plan like? How successful are your campaigns? Are you seeing the ROI you’d expect from your marketing efforts? If you don’t have a marketing consultant, there’s a good chance you’re not getting as much out of […]

UI vs UX

UI vs UX: What’s the Difference for Users, Anyway?

Do you get confused or defensive when people use UI or UX in a sentence where you think it doesn’t belong? You’re not alone. These two acronyms are likely some of the most misunderstood and misused terms in the website design/development arena. […]

Google business reviews

Your Complete Guide to Google Business Reviews

You should never underestimate the effect online reviews have on the success of your business. It’s estimated that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust a close acquaintance. With an influence like this, it’s clear to see […]

seo speed logo test

What’s a Google AMP Test? And Does Your Site Pass?

In the fast-moving world of website creation, mobile is everything. Creating a website that loads quickly and looks great on mobile devices can make or break the user experience of that site. Given that more users than ever conduct the […]


The Evolution of Digital Marketing Trends Across the Web

Does anyone know what a Sears Roebuck & Co. catalogue is anymore? If you do, it’s because you heard about it from your grandmother. Or got exposure to the concept by watching Mad Men. (Or you circled what you wanted […]

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