We Reverse Engineer Your Top Competitors.

Then Do More.

What’s the best way to know what is currently working for high search results?

Analyze the top websites ranking for the keywords your customers would use to find you – then we do more. Add some secret sauce and, in time, you’ll be up in the top spots as well. It’s science, and we go at it like it’s the Olympics.

Since each project has unique nuances, relating to a variety of factors such as its current state, the market’s current state, and changes in the algorithms as time goes on, each need a custom SEO/SEM strategy. We can tailor each campaign to fit most any budget size. Naturally, you get what you pay for, but we’ll certainly give you the most bang for your buck. Here’s what we do for bulletproof strategies that automatically adapt with any changes.

Step 1: Keyword Research

This is the foundation to all other steps. What is the money keyword for your site that we should be targeting? We’ll get our keyword research department to start compiling a list of relevant keywords that have search volumes and Cost Per Click (CPC) metrics so you can analyze the potential value of each keyword.

you can certainly choose the keyword you want us to go for. Or if you want our advice, we are more than happy to make suggestions on primary keywords for you, just ask.

Once the primary keyword has been declared, we’ll use the rest of the keywords on the list as nonprimary keywords for a more natural backlink profile.


Step 2: Competition Research

We learn from the existing ranking sites for your target keyword. What’s a more accurate view of the current algorithm than analyzing the present champs? Our Research team will study the patterns of their online profile and compare it to your current profile.

After the Penguin update, this is even more valuable to detect current ranking factors.


Step 3: On Page Optimization Of Your Website

With the primary keyword selected, we will then get our HTML department to examine your website for the current state of optimization.

We’ll tell you what needs to be updated and you can make the changes yourself or have your webmaster take care of them. For most  changes we may also be able to help.


Step 4: Off Page Optimization / Backlink Building


We continue to fertilize your site appropriately until it eventually ranks on page one for your primary keyword.

With a well equipped arsenal of different links at our fingertips, we strengthen your site where it is weakest thus boosting the ranking power for our target keywords.


Step 5: Repeat Each Month

We’ll continue to Diagnose, Prescribe, Execute, Monitor and Report your website’s progress each month until your site ranks on page one of Google for your primary keyword.

Sit back and relax or have the time to focus on other parts of your business. We’ve got the rankings part covered.


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