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business leads

A Comprehensive Guide to Generating Business Leads Online

Do you feel like you’re failing to capture the right leads online? Or maybe you’re able to get a fairly high number of leads, but seem to be struggling to properly close the deal? Perhaps it’s just been a while […]

video content marketing

Why Every Tech Company Needs Video Content (Plus 5 Platforms to Try)

U.S. consumers spend over 5 hours a day glued to their smartphones, and much of that time is dedicated to social media and entertainment. The opportunity to reach your target customer through these platforms has never been clearer. And the […]

behavioral segmentation

Audience-of-One: How AI Is Changing the Future of Personalized Marketing

A personal touch is incredibly important in today’s high-tech world. Personalization is becoming increasingly important, as consumers are bombarded with unsolicited advertisements. Thirty-three percent of marketers consider personalization to be their #1 priority. Personalized marketing is even more powerful when […]

marketing process

The Best Marketing Process for Your Technology Company

76% of marketers think that the marketing industry changed more in two years than it had in the previous fifty. From mobile and social media marketing to influencers and inbound strategies, we’ve changed the way we find, consume, and spread […]

marketing efforts

12 Ways to Focus Your Marketing Efforts in 2018

The year 2017 is just about over – what are you planning to do for your marketing plan in 2018? As a business owner, you know how important digital marketing is, but there are a lot of pieces to fit […]

Local SEO services

10 Secrets to Local SEO Services For Small Business

When it comes to building leads and landing sales, nothing beats local SEO. While you may think you know what SEO is and what it requires, local SEO is different. It’s what connects customers with your business, and connects you […]

digital marketing for startups

The Future of Digital Marketing for Startups

It doesn’t matter what industry your startup is in. If you’re not using digital marketing, then your company will likely flop. Radio, television, and newspapers have become nearly obsolete, as more of the youth turn to Netflix, Pandora, and the […]

digital marketing roi

How To Improve Your Digital Marketing ROI

Technology has transformed the way that companies approach marketing. Social media, online advertisements, and blogging are all examples of ways marketers are using new media technology. Additionally, most small businesses are looking to invest more into digital marketing. But while […]

marketing consultant

16 Ways a Marketing Consultant Can Help Your Business

What’s your current marketing plan like? How successful are your campaigns? Are you seeing the ROI you’d expect from your marketing efforts? If you don’t have a marketing consultant, there’s a good chance you’re not getting as much out of […]

Google business reviews

Your Complete Guide to Google Business Reviews

You should never underestimate the effect online reviews have on the success of your business. It’s estimated that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust a close acquaintance. With an influence like this, it’s clear to see […]