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Take It To The Global Level

Can you be found by your customers all around the country? How about the world?

Local stopped being the end-all of marketing a long time ago. Customers today are willing to buy goods and services from anywhere… so you need to be at the top of the global and national search game. You tell us what countries you want to target and we’ll get you in front of customers all over the world.

You may think your website is letting clients everywhere find you, but search algorithms are constantly changing. To survive and thrive you need an expert who stays on the cutting edge of updates, techniques and trends that will keep the steady stream of hot leads coming into your business.

If you aren’t getting national and global leads organically, you need help. Let us optimize your SEO ROI and increase your client base everywhere.

Reverse Engineer Your Top Competitors... Then Take It To The Next Level

What’s the best way to know what is currently working for high search results?

Analyze the top websites that are outranking you – then do more. We have the skills and the expertise to increase your search ranking so that you get all the hot leads that were previously going to your competitors.

Let us customize a SEO/SEM strategy for your business that is tailor fit to your budget and the nuances of your company… and is designed to help you crush your competitors.

National to Global Online Marketing and SEO Services


In the online market of today’s world, digital marketing is absolutely essential for any person who owns a business and expects it to see any degree of success. In the past decade, the language of advertising has changed dramatically.


Gone are the days where a simple newspaper ad is all it took. Once upon a time, this would bring in a rush of new customers to your store, or get them to flock to your website. Online marketing strategies of today involve careful creation of content and strategic posting to make sure it is seen in the right place at the right time. Not to mention, online marketing now also involves a tactful study of the science of SEO.


Why SEO Matters


SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. After all, your business could be the very best in the world, have the best value and service, and still fail. This is inevitable if no one has ever heard about you before. And that’s where SEO comes in—It helps to increase your exposure and get the word out to your audience about why your company is the one to work with.


When’s the last time you saw someone in need of a product or service search for it on Google, and then click straight over to the 3rd or 4th page of the search results, without checking out any other links on the page? Our guess is, probably never. That’s why it’s so important to invest in your business’s digital marketing and employ the appropriate SEO tactics to make sure that your business is on the first page of Google and getting the exposure it deserves.


Calling in the Experts


Of course, getting your business the exposure it deserves is where trouble starts to come into the picture. How do you know what the appropriate SEO tactics are? And how do you even know where to begin when the time comes to put them into place?


Of course, you probably wouldn’t. One important thing to know about the world of digital marketing and SEO is that it is a rapidly evolving industry, and as a result, people have literally made keeping up with the changing field their full-time job. Marketing your brand is no longer something that is feasible to do on your own, especially when you’re too busy running your business and making it the best that it can be.


That’s why, when it comes to putting an appropriate digital marketing strategy in place, you need to call in the experts. When picking the right company to trust with your brand’s online marketing campaign, this is one of the biggest things you’ll want to keep in mind:


Not All SEO Solutions Are Made Equal


SEO campaigns are not a one-size-fits-all formula, but some companies will treat them like one. You’re putting a lot of stock into the success of your SEO campaign, so you want to make sure that you are putting your trust into a company that knows what it’s doing, and also is as invested in the success of your brand as you are.


That’s why, at Top Spot, we treat your business like the individual entity that it is. We take the time to understand your niche and your target audience, and to research the deficiencies in the industry to understand what is needed and wanted by those within it. With a thorough and targeted approach, with every step of the way being fully geared toward your businesses success, we’ve been able to claim the top spot for countless business, with the number of satisfied clients growing with each passing day.


At Top Spot, we know that every business is different, and we choose to embrace those differences. By highlighting what makes your business unique, and tailoring our digital marketing and SEO approach around that is a tried and true way to get optimal results from your marketing campaign. So, naturally, that’s what we do—because your business is important to us, and we want to be a part of your success.


At Top Spot, we’re not your typical run-of-the-mill SEO company that recycles the same old campaigns on every new client that comes our way. Instead, we treat your business like the individual entity it is and ensure that we develop solutions that are tailor-fit to your needs and are able to bring you the best possible results.


What Sets Our Strategies Apart


As we’ve already mentioned, at Top Spot, we are serious about finding a solution for your company that will bring about the best results from your digital marketing campaign. And while that probably sounds great, you’re probably wondering, “but how?” And if that’s what’s running through your mind, then we wouldn’t blame you.


At Top Spot, we live, eat, sleep, and breathe online marketing. WE know the latest and greatest strategies, and we keep up-to-date with the SEO trends. We know how to separate what works from what doesn’t, and most importantly, we know how all these things apply to your business. Here are just a few of the things that go into what makes our strategies so great, and how we are able to use them to bring you real, reliable, sustainable returns.


Local, National, and Beyond


Once upon a time, you could target your campaign locally and then call it a day, but for better or worse, those days are gone. For many businesses, you’re going to want to be looking at the bigger picture, especially if you’re selling a product. Today’s customers can buy their goods—and services, too—from anywhere. What this means is, if you’re not marketing on a national or even global scale, then you are missing out on a key market, and potentially a lot of profits.


At Top Spot, we know how to get you to the top of your national and global search game. You may not realize it, but a lot can go into such efforts. You may think that your website in its current form lets clients from all over the globe stumble upon your business, but you may very well be wrong about that. Search algorithms are in constant motion and change. If you want to not only survive, but thrive, you need an expert who is constantly staying up to date on the latest trends and seeking ways to keep pulling in a steady stream of leads right to your business.


If you think that your website is already marketed on a national, or global, scale, then ask yourself this simple question: Are you getting as much business from those places as you would like? If not, we can help.


Take Your Competitor’s Strategies to the Next Level


We can do what they do—but we can do it better. By reverse engineering your top competitors, you can take their digital marketing strategy to the next level. What better way is there to land high on the search rankings than to find out what is currently working for those ahead of you in the game, and then do more than they are?


At Top Spot, we have the expertise and skills necessary to do this, and consequently increase your search ranking. Start collecting on all those hot leads that are currently going to your competitors when you start to outrank them.


When we customize a strategy for your business with features that are tailor fitted to your company and everything that goes into it, this involves researching what your competitors are doing and becoming familiar with the nuances of your business. As a result, you’ll find that you start to see results that are quick, effective, and sustainable.


Sustainable Growth


We know that you don’t just want a quick pick-me-up for your business and to leave it at that. Some digital marketing companies and SEO strategies may help to give you a quick boost in exposure, but after that, it’s over. While this may follow with a consequent boost in revenue, great—but it’ll end there. Your page views will then go back to where they previously had been, and your business will fall back down the ranks of Google.


We know that this is not what you want for your business. And if it is, then you’re in the wrong place. We strive to design long-term solutions for our clients, and give them digital marketing strategies and SEO methods that will provide them with sustainable growth over the long-haul. While the quick burst in exposure might feel nice, as does the boost in revenue, we all know it’s much better for the big picture to follow a long-term, sustainable plan that will bring about consistent results and growth.


It’s Not All About the Rankings


When people think of SEO, one of the first goals that come to mind is getting on the first page of the Google search results—in fact, probably in the first couple of slots on that first page. And that’s not too far off the mark—this is most certainly an essential part of SEO, but it’s not all there is to it.


At Top Spot, we’re not only thinking about the rankings of your business; we’ve also got our sights set on your ROI. We want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of every dollar spent, and end up putting as much as possible back into your pocket. After all, what good is it to be on the first page of the Google results if you stop there? Once you get on that first page and have the exposure that you need, you need to start thinking about improving your conversion rates, and so much more.


Getting people to click on your website is a start—but it’s not all that you need to be thinking about. That’s why our SEO experts at Top Spot are always looking at the bigger picture. Having successfully served countless clients and helped them to improve their businesses and transform their websites into money-making machines, we know exactly what goes into doing the same for you, and we won’t overlook a thing.


A Unique Approach to SEO


At Top Spot, we are the real deal, and we know just how to secure your well-deserved spot on the first page of the Google search results. We know how much effort goes into digital marketing campaigns, and we know just how to work the system to get them to be effective fast, and with long-term, sustainable growth.


How is all this possible? With our unique approach to SEO. We don’t have all the same tricks up our sleeves that the other guys do. Instead of trying to use all the same outdated methods, we’re constantly keeping up-to-date in the field and trying new things to find out what works and what doesn’t as the search algorithms continue to evolve and change.


Our strategy consists of 9 steps that work to help transform the results you’re seeing from your digital marketing strategy.


Our 9-Step SEO Strategy


Our 9-step strategy is broken down into three phases, with each phase consisting of 3 steps. The phases include Buoyancy, Surging, and Capitalizing. Our online marketing services and ethical SEO tactics have been shown to yield reliable results time and time again using this method, and we are completely transparent about it.


We are up front about how we get these results, and you can watch the results happen right before your eyes as the campaign progresses. We strive to provide affordable search engine optimization services that can help anyone improve their business and give it the leg up it needs to be the best that it can possibly be. At the same time, we don’t think we should we putting all our strategies and practices in place behind closed doors, where you’re left to wonder how we’re generating these leads and whether or not it is ethical. That’s why we’re completely honest and transparent with you about what we are doing every step along the way.


At Top Spot, we are an internet marketing service unlike anything else you will encounter in the field of digital marketing and SEO. Our unique approach is not one that many of our competitors have uncovered, much less mastered to the degree that we have. The results that we yield, time and time again using our tried and true methods and strategies, are repeatable and measurable.


Why Top Spot?


By now, we’ve given you a lot of information about what is important in a digital marketing strategy and in the SEO techniques that are employed to promote your company. We’ve also told you about our tried and true 9-step SEO strategy to get your business the boost in popularity it needs to sit at the cool kids’ table for the long-term.


At Top Spot, we look at the big picture. We keep you updated on what is going on with your business. We are also completely transparent about what needs to be done for you. Our goal is to help you see an improvement in leads, conversation rates, and profits—and we’re equally transparent with you about how we are going to make it happen. Our team of experienced and qualified professionals knows how to make these things happen, and will get your business the long-term solutions you need to get ahead of the game.


Our SEO and online marketing strategies have been shown to yield a measurable ROI time and time again amongst our clients. Can you imagine walking into a bank and turning in all the one dollar bills in your wallet for five dollar bills? That’s about what it is like to utilize our services. Our SEO system makes more leads and sales in a profitable way that will get you just where you want to be.


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That’s where we come in. At Top Spot, we yield reliable, measureable, repeatable results. We focus on getting your website to float up to its rightful place in the search results, and we know how to get you a measurable ROI. Not only that, but we do it all at competitive rates.


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